• Client Brief: Connect with avid travellers, maximize audience engagement & increase page likes.
  • Our Solution: We launched a quiz contest called The Great Travelathon on client’s Facebook page. We asked people questions about different cities on their bucket list. Contestants who correctly answered the maximum questions about different cities won the contest and got an all paid trip to Goa.
  • Achievements: 791 users participated in this activity which increased Facebook page likes by 15000 in a span of two weeks. Moreover, the website got 1,725 hits including 60.1% new visitors and 39.9% returning visitors.


  • Client Brief: Launch of Lava mobile phone on ShopCJ website.
  • Our Solution: We curated a Twitter campaign and created ‘#LavaX8WithShopCJ’. In this unique campaign, the brand did not promote the product, instead the potential customers ended up promoting the features of LavaX8 through their tweets.
  • Achievements:It was a one day activity. The hashtag we created was in the top trends in India. ShopCJ’s profile received more than 3Crore timeline deliveries. It grabbed more than 25000 eyeballs on Facebook with more than 425 contributors, 18500 plus tweets and more than 500 followers on twitter.


  • Client Brief: Connect with the audience at an emotional level along with subtle integration of the values of the brand.
  • Our Solution: We came up with a first of its kind campaign engineered for parent’s day to spread a smile across the community. #ArtfulLife was the hash tag that we created for this 10 days campaign and asked people to tweet with this hash tag.
  • Achievements:During the 10 days period of this campaign, Vijay group received 1500 plus Microsite page views, 1,154 tweets featuring the hash tag and 10,200 tweets in totality and number of Facebook likes increased by 2000


  • Client Brief: Creating a buzz on social platforms about the speakers.
  • Activity Brief: We decided to create a one day campaign on Facebook and Twitter. We created #EverythingProof around the new range of the speakers. We also had stalls of Altec Lancing at colleges giving youngsters a firsthand experience of the speakers.
  • Achievements: With the help of Digital PR, Brand Leverage, Online reviews from top portals and an Innovative ‘Experience Zone Design’, Altec India’s Facebook page received 1000 plus likes and 250 plus followers on twitter.


  • Client Brief: Provide the citizens an opportunity to voice their opinion about the social issues.
  • Our solution: We created ‘#BolBindhast’ to establish the news channel’s motto of being the peoples’ channel which promotes fearless journalism. We asked people to tweet about social problems that they find most annoying and needs addressing. We also featured top 3 tweets on the channel.
  • Achievements: The activity was run on 26th January 2016. Digital PR, Brand Leverage, Online reviews and articles on news portals, led to more than 200 new twitter followers and a reach of over 4 million. The hash tag was featured in the top three twitter trends in India.

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